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Art investment funds have fared well in poor economic climates and the art markets in general, managed to outperform the stock market throughout the 2001 recession. There are an estimated 72 funds in operation in June 2014 when Deloitte and ArtTactic combined to take at look at the performance of these different funds. Out of […]...Read more

MutualArt The Web's Largest Art Information Service.

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Notable Auctions Happening This Month. Fine Decorative Arts, 1200 1900. Bonhams New Bond Street Est. $671,836 975,453...Read more

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Class A Share Funds Class A mutual fund shares generally have front end sales charges (also known as a "load"). The load, which is a charge to pay for the services of an investment advisor or other financial professional, is often 5% but can be higher. The load is charged when shares are purchased....Read more

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