Modifying the Logon Page Portal munity Wiki SAP

Logon Page FAQ. In responding to a recent query raised someone asked Senthil Murugan Muthuvelu to post the same in Portal Wiki and hence this.. He agreed to do so since there have been many questions about customising SAP Netweaver Portal logon page; what options we have, what are the associated files in customising the logon page and how they can be modified....Read more

SAP Portal Logon Page Customization SAP Blogs

How does a Portal Login page look like. Things that we will customize. SAP NetWeaver Image; pany Logo Branding Image; Changing the text; Changing the SAP Logo . Procedure . 1) Download the par.bak file from portal . a) Goto>System Admin>Support>Portal Runtime>Browse Deployement . 2) Save it on your local machine. 3) Rename it to 4) Extract the files while keeping the directory structure...Read more

Customizing Logon Page on Portal 7.3 SAP Blogs

Please find below details steps for customizing logon page on Portal 7.3. 1. Locate the WAR file. First step is to get the WAR file delievered by SAP for logon page to customize it. Copy the war file tc~sec~ume~logon~ui.war...Read more

Customizing the Portal Log On Pages SAP Blogs

Go to NetWeaver Administrator –> “Start & Stop” –> ”Java Applications” –> find the application named “” and restart it. And now we are done! Here is the result we got from changing the colors, text, and logo:...Read more

Changing SAP Portal Logon Page Images Using Images Stored ...

There are many options to change the images in SAP Netweaver Portal Logon page. One such option is to Upload the images in KM Content and in UME Configuration add its URL. This document is using screenshots and images from SAP Netweaver Portal 7.31 but this will also work for older and newer versions of the portal. Contents...Read more

How to Customize Logon Par File Portal munity Wiki

Atul has the experience in Integrating BW, Web Applications and BO reports using Appinegrator services of SAP Portal. He is proficient in web technologies ExtJS 2.3, JQuery and Blue print CSS and also holds experience in end to end implementation of external facing Portal and integrating it with SAP BW via SAP Logon ticket based mechanism....Read more

Change Portal URL Portal munity Wiki SAP

Enter irj portal in the start page text field; Choose the save properties button; Restart the instance. For Enterprise Portal 7.3X: In 7.3x, this is done via the NetWeaver Administrator: ' : : nwa' Follow menu path: Configuration > Connectivity > HTTP Provider Configuration; Enter irj portal in the default start page property; Click save...Read more

Branding Image and text in Portal logon page SAP

\usr\sap\\JC00\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\sap \irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\portalapps\\layout\ 6. Replace the SAP image with customized image for all the server nodes, pixel size information can be obtained from looking at the properties as mentioned in step 3. 7....Read more

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The SAP Support Portal is SAP's award winning customer facing website, which provides access to support tools, services and applications, as well as related documentation and community content....Read more

Sap Portal Change Login Page

Sap Portal Change Login Page

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