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Insert a name to create your own Brute. You will be able to fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become......Read more

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In this mini game, you can train your characters and create your own fights. Train them well by choosing the best skills and weaponry and they'll become powerful warriors. You can also sign your fighters up to fight in tournaments against 63 other players! The most hardcore will win special weapons, to guarantee even more brutality!...Read more

My Brute

My Brute is a fighting simulation video game with roleplaying elements first released in March 2009. Though an English language game, it was developed by Motion Twin, a French online game provider. My Brute originated as a free browser based Flash game....Read more

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Welcome to the My Brute Wiki The wiki about a small and addictive browser flash beat em up game that you can enjoy by visiting .mybrute There is much to discover here! Each Brute has 28 different skills to learn, 3 pets and 26 weapons to fight with. The MyBrute wiki will help you find out a bit more the game's features, learn new tactics and find hints for better battles. 207 articles ......Read more

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In this new MyBrute version, you are required to have an email to play the game. Once registered, you can recruit two free characters. Additional characters will cost 100 tokens....Read more

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MyBrute is an online game created by Motion Twin. Are you ready for MyBrute? Do you like fights? Then play MyBrute, the most amazing Sit 'n Watch game there is! Create your own Brute and battle it out against the rest of the web. Find disciples, win fights to evolve and make it to the top spot in the rankings....Read more

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MyBrute. 91,315 likes ยท 12 talking about this. Who is the strongest Brute? Create your own Brute and challenge your friends' Brutes. Start a Dojo to recruit new pupils and gain experience to become......Read more

Want a bear in My Brute? Yahoo Answers

But there is a secret of increasing your chance of getting a bear or wolf or a gun in mybrute and that is through pupiling. By pupuling somebody with a pet you have a 50% chance of gettin that pet. ex.)I got my wolf and bear from these guys so try them out, theyre legit....Read more



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