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Welcome to HearUSA, the nation’s leader in progressive hearing care and accredited hearing health network. With URAC accreditation, you can trust HearUSA to provide licensed, qualified providers, state of the art technology, and the best clinical practices....Read more

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Membership decisions shall be at the sole discretion of HearUSA and may be based on any factors or information deemed to be relevant by HearUSA. For current providers, login to the Provider Portal. Have questions? Call 800 333 3389 with questions about our Hearing Care Network...Read more

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About HearUSA. HearUSA is a recognized leader in hearing care and is partnered with managed care organizations across the country. Through its Hearing Care Network of nearly 2,000 independently practicing audiologists and hearing care professionals and its more than 180 company owned hearing centers, HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related products and services to both third ......Read more

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Password Recovery. Enter your user name and click the button below to reset your password....Read more

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HearUSA is committed to providing all of our patients with the highest quality hearing care in the industry, from your FREE Hearing Screening to the purchase of your Hearing Aid. Confirm There’s Some Hearing Loss If you suspect some hearing loss, learn about the Signs of Hearing Loss or take our Instant Hearing Evaluation....Read more

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HearUSA is the nation's first independently accredited hearing health network. We have helped millions of individuals hear better through our network of over 4,000 providers nationwide. HearUSA 10455 Riverside Drive. Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Call us toll free today at (800) 333 3389 ......Read more

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Visit a HearUSA center for a Free Hearing Screening. The screening is quick and easy, and helps identify the specifics of your hearing loss. Our licensed hearing experts use advanced otoscopic technology to show you what’s happening inside your ear as part of the most complete and accurate hearing check up available today....Read more

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HearUSA is committed to providing patients with the highest quality hearing care in the industry. Locate a hearing center near you for a free hearing screening!...Read more

Hearusa Portal

Hearusa Portal

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