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In the single player campaign of Portal 2, Wheatley would only refer to GLaDOS as "her" or "she". When in her potato battery form, she is commonly referred to by the community as "PotatOS;" this nickname is derived from the word "potato" and her name, GLaDOS....Read more

GLaDOS the potato Portal 2 Episode 14

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Great moments in PC gaming Teaming up with Potato GLaDOS ...

Baking GLaDOS into a potato was the perfect way for Valve to make her more than a bad guy, and in a way that doesn't retroactively stamp out her imposing, dominant energy. GLaDOS is still scary as......Read more

Portal 2 GLaDOS Turns Into a Potato

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GlaDOS the potato ... Portal 2 Gameplay

She convinced me... (Shot taken at the very end of the Chapter 6, SinglePlayer mode)...Read more

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GLaDOS as a potato. Treating the tests as an art museum at first, GLaDOS tried to fool the robots into thinking that science was finished. However, when a flood began to occur within the facility and it was made clear that the test chambers were thrown together haphazardly, GLaDOS admitted to the truth....Read more


In the reveal of the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2, GLaDOS' voice was used to introduce Gabe Newell, the co founder of Valve at E3 2010, where he revealed Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3. Portal 2 ' s release was preceded by a collection of video games in a collection called Potato Sack, which featured thirteen independently developed games. These games were all a part of an alternate reality, based on a cryptic narrative that suggested the awakening and relaunch of GLaDOS....Read more

Glados Portal Potato

Glados Portal Potato

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