Bout Definition of Bout by Merriam Webster

Examples of bout in a Sentence undoubtedly the team's best wrestler, he hasn't lost a bout yet she's currently suffering from a bout of the flu Recent Examples on the Web But for many people like Juarez, who survive a physical bout with the disease, there follows a host of mental health issues that are harder to understand....Read more

Bout definition of bout by The Free Dictionary

Define bout. bout synonyms, bout pronunciation, bout translation, English dictionary definition of bout. n. 1. A contest between antagonists; a match: a wrestling bout. 2. A period of time spent in a particular way; a spell: "His tremendous bouts of drinking......Read more

Bout Definition of Bout at Dictionary

Bout definition, a contest or trial of strength, as of boxing. See more....Read more

BOUT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

a short period of illness or involvement in an activity: UK a bout of flu US a bout with the flu He suffered from periodic bouts of insanity....Read more

bout Dictionary Definition Vocabulary

A bout is a period of time in which something intense happens, like fighting, binging, or being sick, and comes from the word for bending, or going round in a circle. We usually use it these days for something you wouldn't want to go on for too long of a time. If the full moon makes you crazy, you might suffer a bout of madness....Read more

Bout definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary

A bout of something that is unpleasant is a short time during which it occurs a great deal. The latest bout of violence has claimed twenty four lives. [ of] A half hour daily walk can be more beneficial than one hard bout of exercise a week. [ of] Synonyms: round, run, course, series More Synonyms of bout...Read more

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BOUT 16 Definitions of Bout YourDictionary

The definition of bout means a fight or competition. An example of a bout is a boxing match....Read more



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